Meet the National Nutrition Center Team

Heather Fitzgerald R.D.

has been practicing Medical Nutrition Therapy for over 20 years. Heather completed her Bachelor of Science in Dietetics at Michigan State University. Thereafter, Heather moved to Southern California and began an intensive training and internship program with an eating disorder specialist based in Manhattan Beach, CA. For the first 8 years of her practice, Heather honed her specialty by successfully treating patients with Eating Disorders in her Beverly Hills private practice. Heather has administrated the hiring and training of private chefs & Nutritionists for the application of therapeutic diets, including food safety and nutrition education, into both private medical practices and corporate wellness programs. She also consults clients within the Entertainment Industry, for both studios and celebrities, on-location and for short term travel. Heather’s comprehensive nutrition programs focus on providing each patient a customized treatment plan and health strategy.

 Heather’s expertise also includes Endocrine Disorders, Bio-identical Hormone Replacement and Functional Medicine—which is defined as utilizing therapeutic doses of nutrients to treat and prevent disease. She has developed comprehensive Dietary & Nutrition Protocols including tools for behavior modification and offering patients effective natural therapies versus prescription medicines. These protocols are actively used in her private practice. She also references these protocols while professionally consulting for integrative physicians in the greater Los Angeles area.

Heather’s Holistic Approach to Nutrition utilizes a myriad of diagnostic testing, for proper assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the patient. Determining the source of your imbalance, rather than managing it, creates balance. Heather will assess your current food and eating patterns, including when, from what source, and why you eat. This helps form the most effective wellness treatment plan and health strategy for the patient. Heather utilizes a myriad of progressive diagnostic and testing methods to determine the best course of treatments and therapies for patients. Some of these testing methods include intracellular vitamin and mineral testing, adrenal saliva testing, Skin allergy testing, urine neurotransmitter testing, advanced cardiovascular blood testing for determining cardiac risk and identifying biomarkers that can be altered with nutrients and diets to prevent the onset of cardiovascular events and disease. Additional test methods include Food & Environmental Antibody/Allergy Testing, Urine testing for toxic heavy metals as well as standard blood testing of endocrine markers. Heather has developed additional progressive dietary therapies and treatment plans for Autism, Alzheimer’s, Cardiovascular Disease, Metabolic Disorders, Food Allergies, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Depression, other Mood Disorders, Menopause, and Heavy Metal Toxicity. Heather will create a specific wellness treatment plan & health strategy, personalized to your current health, medical history and lifestyle.

 Heather is inspired by educating and empowering her patients about their bodies and providing them alternative and non-conventional treatments and therapies that are not offered in traditional western medicine. Heather has collaborated with Kristen Davis, P.A., MPH whose philosophies and training mirrors her own vision of Whole-Body Wellness and quality of life. Providing appropriate education and support for her patients, creates confidence, which generates motivation and ultimately action. Education and Action are the best methods for maintaining health, youthfulness and quality of life. —How you nourish your body, both internally and externally, will determine the quality and vitality of your life.

Heather has been a contributing editor for Fit, Young Miss, & Modern Bride Magazines. Heather was also a nutrition consultant airing on Fit TV’s Fit, Resort & Spa, in Burbank, California. She has also appeared on KTLA News & KABC News, Los Angeles, as a Nutrition Consultant. Heather has also been a consulting and managing R.D. for the Biggest Loser Fitness Resorts.

Kristen Davis P.A. MPH is a certified Physician Assistant with more than a decade of experience in medicine. Kristen completed a dual Master of Public Health and Physician Assistant program at the George Washington University in Washington D.C.
 Kristen spent an extensive amount of time as a surgical physician assistant where she developed an interest in maximizing results and recovery of patients by focusing attention on the often-overlooked aspects of self-care and nutritional health. This philosophy of caring for the whole individual is synergistic with the vision of Strategic Nutrition and Holistic Therapies.

Kristen stepped out of the operating room to find a place where she could contribute to the whole-body wellness of patients as her primary role. As a healthcare professional and mother of two young children, Kristen understands both the necessity and the obstacles of prioritizing quality of life. She strives to empower patients by providing an understanding of the interactions of health and nutrition to improve overall well-being.

Dr. O’Mahony uses different treatment modalities based on what is best for each patient. She is an active therapist and is solution focused. She has been a Clinical Director in dual diagnosis treatment facilities and has assisted the owners in creating strong successful clinical programs. She also created a dual diagnosis component to the Salvation Army Haven Substance Abuse program located on the Veterans Affairs grounds.
Dr. O’Mahony facilitates experiential groups which enable patients to develop emotional tolerance and learn to face their fears instead of avoiding them. She also uses visualization and hypnotherapy to help patients heal, clear their minds and assist them in creating the life they want. Dr. O’Mahony has created a training for patients in treatment and their families about understanding mental disorders, including substance abuse and how medication, therapy, and family therapy helps one to recover.

It has been a long professional goal of hers to create a strong and amazing team of professionals to help more people be well.