Every day we are exposed to toxins in the environment, including pesticides, herbicides and other industrial and inorganic chemicals that we ingest, inhale and absorb. These toxins can enter the body through food sources, household products, cosmetics, medications and our water supplies. These substances are foreign to our bodies and over time, the liver becomes burdened and it takes longer to break down the toxins into water- soluble compounds for excretion, thus, toxins can build up and store in the liver and end up in our body fat!

Your liver is working all the time, sorting, breaking each substance down to a form that can be eliminated. Naturally, this process gets slowed down and the body starts to show signs of this slowing. Symptoms may range from weight loss resistance, skin eruptions, acne, sleep issues, fatigue. Depression, weight gain, allergies, bowel problems, migraines and even lack of focus and concentration, among many more.

Therefore, it’s vital reboot and support the liver’s function while decreasing the toxic burden. The way to do this is with a regular cleanse or detoxification program. The type of detoxification products/program you use makes all the difference in not only boosting the efficiency of your liver, but also to improving your energy, jump starting weight loss and alleviating unwanted symptoms, but will also determine whether you have improvements in digestion, elimination, sleep and other chronic unwanted symptoms.

I recommend doing a 14-DAY VEGECLEANSE PLUS DETOXIFICATION PROGRAM. This program is easy to do, is not restrictive, nor does it create more stress on the body like some ‘fasting cleanses’ on the market. The products are pharmaceutical grade and the program consists of doing 2 shakes per day, one for breakfast and one for lunch (or dinner) and then regular food for one meal and any snacks. There is also an accompanying packet of supplements that you take with each shake. Naturally, there are dietary restrictions during the 14 days. You will need to omit/avoid gluten, dairy, red meat, anything processed, refined or containing white flour and sugar. You will also omit alcohol and caffeine for the duration of the cleanse. These products are considered a ‘medical food’ by the FDA and work specifically at supporting liver function by giving your body the nutrients necessary to do so.

If you take nutritional supplements regularly, it is recommended that you discontinue those for the duration of the cleanse, with the exception of any probiotics, which are encouraged during the cleanse. You can resume your regular supplements once the cleanse is completed.

THE 14-DAY VEGECLEANSE PLUS DETOXIFICATION PROGRAM comes in one boxed kit and includes:

    28 individual packets of Vegecleanse Plus Powder (organic pea protein formula)
    Amino D-Tox capsules- This proprietary formula helps flush out the toxins from storage.
    Hydrolyze enzyme capsules- these enzymes help breakdown the liquid protein as it digests more quickly than solid proteins.
    Complete Program Guide & Large Plastic Shaker Cup
    Cost: $200 Plus tax and shipping. Will be drop-shipped to you within 2 days of ordering