Functional Medicine Consultation & Assessment

This program was designed for those who would like to have a comprehensive blood analysis to see the patient’s hormone levels, cholesterol and cardiovascular risk markers, adrenal hormones, Glucose & Insulin levels to assess Diabetes risk and specific vitamin and mineral levels to rule out deficiencies or imbalances. It also includes a comprehensive dietary evaluation and recommendations for optimizing one’s energy, weight and overall vitality.
This is my most popular type of assessment and includes:

• Initial consultation & assessment (90-minutes), Body composition testing and interpretation as well as ordering the patient’s blood tests for completion of their blood draw, at a designated laboratory. This may also include any specialized testing that is specific to the patient, including but not limited to, Comprehensive GI testing including Parasitology, SIBO Breath Testing, Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency Testing, Food Allergy Testing and many others.

• 90-minute follow-up session to review your results thoroughly and create your personalized treatment plan for prevention of disease, to lower risk factors and to identify and address any areas of deficiencies or imbalances.

• Personalized Dietary Prescription with weekly meal plans, grocery lists and other support materials.