Hormone Health


Hormones are an integral part of overall health and vitality in our bodies.  Hormones are chemical messengers that control and regulate the activity of certain cells and organs.  All hormones interact with each other to create a synergy that ultimately determines how healthy and great you feel.  Our sex hormones, which include estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and DHEA are held in delicate balance and can fluctuate depending on your age and overall health.  Your sex hormones interact with cortisol (stress hormone) and insulin (glucose regulator).  All of these hormones, besides insulin, are made by pregnenolone, your memory hormone.  Our sex hormones define us as women (estrogen, progesterone & testosterone) and as men (testosterone and estrogen), and when they are in balance, you’ll feel amazing, and when they are not,  you’ll experience symptoms.

Additionally, all of these hormones interact with your thyroid hormones, which regulates every metabolic process in your body, from thinking clearly to going to the bathroom regularly.  Thyroid is just as vital to your health and vitality as your sex hormones.

Hormone levels change throughout our lifetime.  The amount of hormones that your body makes and the fluctuation of your hormones is dependent on various factors.  These factors include:  being under stress, taking antibiotics, if you’ve just delivered a baby, an unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, are exposed to chemicals or toxins, whether or not you exercise or not, or if you take too many or too few nutrients/supplements.

You can check out the various sex hormones so that you can get a better idea of each hormone’s functions and some of their symptoms of deficiency. If you’re over 40 or just not feeling quite right, why not come in and get yourself checked to see you’re in the proper range and nothing is out of balance. Go from dull, disinterested, depressed to fit, fantastic, and vital. Many patients have been amazed by the results when their hormone profiles are in the right balance. It can make a drastic difference in your life and have highly beneficial effect not only on one’s own life but on the relationships, work because of a renewed sense of wellbeing.