Heather Fitzgerald RD is a unique practitioner that is committed to identifying the source of one’s health issues and concerns versus treating just the symptoms. At times, it seems that conventional medicine is anything but that and may even seem illogical and archaic. Are we really making progress in our health when we take a pill to eliminate one’s pain, lower their cholesterol or keep their blood sugar stable? Without a doubt, medications do serve us in many positive and functional ways, but can often lead to other health problems, complications and can deplete our bodies of essential nutrients.
Heather’s philosophy is based on the idea that our body’s systems are all interconnected and because so many of its functions are interdependent, it’s vital to assess a patient’s entire system as well as reviewing their lifestyle, sleep habits, exercise patterns, stressors, dietary intake and nutrition status, in order to get to the bottom of the patient’s issues and complaints. Treating a symptom is not a solution, nor does that work for extended periods of time. Heather will Identify your specific imbalances and deficiencies using precise methods, then creates a strategic plan for optimizing your health and healing your body into its natural state of balance and vitality.