Nutrition & Fat Loss Program

This program is for individuals who are looking for healthy, permanent weight loss. If you’ve been a chronic or yo-yo dieter, this program is designed with you in mind. Most people have achieved some success, at one point or another, in losing weight trying commercial or fad diets. But it can be challenging keeping the weight off. There are many reasons why this happens.

A person’s levels of stress, perceived obstacles, faulty belief systems, lifestyle challenges and fad diets are some of the factors to not being able sustain weight loss. In many instances, food can become a way to escape our daily stress and pressures and gives us immediate gratification when we are not getting other needs met. But, food cannot be the sole way one copes with life, nor a healthy way to deal with the good and bad feelings that we all experience. In this program you will learn to navigate and identify your eating triggers and obstacles, while also reconnecting to your body’s natural and intuitive signals of hunger and satiety. Having the proper tools and information in order to break unhealthy habits and patterns, as well as bringing a new mindfulness to how and why you nourish your body, are necessary to being healthy and keeping the weight off in the short and long term.

Heather offers two types of Nutrition & Fat Loss Programs –

Nutrition & Fat Loss Program 1   (Lasts 6-8-weeks)
Nutrition & Fat Loss Program 2   (Lasts 12-14 -weeks)

Both programs consist of the same services, with the exception of the amount of time allotted.

Initial Consultation & Assessment 90-minutes
In the initial meeting, we will complete a thorough assessment of your current health, medical history, lifestyle and behaviors. This is also where we discuss your primary health and weight goals. Then, we will perform a body composition test, which determines your weight, percentage of body fat, and amount of lean muscle mass. We will then assess your basal metabolic rate for accuracy in calculating your daily energy or calorie needs. In this initial meeting, we co create a short-term strategy. Additionally, if we determine that a blood test is necessary to assess your current health, including identifying any nutrient deficiencies or imbalances, that will be arranged as well. A personalized meal plan, health strategy, and weekly task list will also be created. Dietary support materials, including grocery lists, educational and health information, and/or additional support that you may require, in included as part of the initial consultation.

Four 1-hour sessions in Program 1
Eight 1 hour sessions in Program 2

Time can be used in any combination of 30 or 60-minute sessions that fit your lifestyle and personal needs. This includes both in office, video-call and phone sessions. For example, some patients prefer to do 1-hour sessions every other week, while others prefer to break the sessions into 30-minute weekly phone or video-calls. A meeting schedule is based on an assessment of your specific issues and/or health goals, may also be recommended.

Heather offers two types of session consultation packages which consist of either four or eight 60-minute sessions to be used at your convenience, in either 30 or 60-minute blocks of time. These packages are designed to save you money and to maintain a strong source of communication and guidance to optimize the results. Alternatively, one can pay for each individual session based on the time spent with Heather.

Alternatively, Heather offers An Annual Concierge Nutrition Program which includes:

• Initial Consultation and Results Review, Body Composition Testing And All Follow-Up Dietary And Nutrition Plan And Information.
• Two 60- minute sessions per month, which can be used in 30-or 60-minute increments
• 1 cc vitamin injection per month
• Monthly body composition testing
• On-going email and phone support pertaining to your nutrition and health needs, calls not to exceed 10-minutes or it will be counted as one of your monthly sessions.
• Resources for additional support to help you achieve your health and weight goals.

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