Preventive Imaging

Preventive Imaging Options – Los Angeles, CA

Preventive Imaging is a good thing to do if you are interested in knowing your cardiovascular risks as well as any other issue that may be going on in our bodies, without having any symptoms. I recommend to many of my patients to go and have a Coronary Calcium Score or Heart Scan completed. It is typically done by CT scanner and is a non-invasive procedure. This procedure is not covered by insurance, unless you have a cardiologist who orders this for you. It is a fairly inexpensive procedure and it truly saves lives. Clinicians can run lab tests on patients all day long, but the numbers don’t show us the reality of what is going on in your arteries and heart chambers. The CT heart scan shows a picture of your heart and it’s arteries, and measures the amount of plaque or calcifications that an individual can build up in their body over time. This test is scored from 0-400 + and is the most definitive way to determine if you need to control your cholesterol production to lower your risk of plaque buildup in the arteries. There are also imaging centers that will do a Full Body CT scan and look at all of your major organ systems to rule out any suspicious growths or other findings. This is also an elective procedure which is not covered by insurance.

There is one Imaging Center in Santa Monica, Medical Imaging of Southern California, in Santa Monica, that does a special scan using an MRI or magnetic resonance imaging, which is no radiation exposure for the patient, and it shows detailed Imaging of the brain all the way to the pelvis. This is quite advanced and is valuable for determining one’s risks of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Early Onset Dementia. If there is something going on in your body, this MRI will find it early. This procedure is $4500.00 and takes about an hour to complete.

Medical Imaging Center of Southern California

Address: 2811 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90403 Phone: (310) 829-9788
Schedule Appointment: Call Delia – (310) 350-9963

1. Coronary calcium score (heart scan) $500 – they do not take or bill to insurance
2. Full Body CT scan without contrast–they no longer do full body CT scans
3. Full Body MRI (with no radiation) from the brain to the pelvis. It takes an hour. They look closely at the brain and all organs down to the pelvis. $4500 – they do not take or bill to insurance
You will need a Doctor’s Rx referral for any of these tests.

Tower Saint John’s Imaging

Address: 2202 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90403 Phone: (310) 264-9000
Schedule an Appointment call:
(310) 264-9000

1. Coronary calcium score (heart scan) $175.00 – the only insurance they take is Medicare
2. Full Body CT scan without contrast – they no longer preform these.

You will need a doctor’s Rx referral for the Coronary Calcium Score /Heart Scan

Cardiac Diagnostics & Wellness Imaging
Address: 21840 Normandie Ave. Torrance, CA 90502 Phone: (310) 222-2773
1. Coronary calcium score/Heart Scan done by CT scanner and runs about $200
2. Full Body CT Scan without contrast, they do this plus the heart scan for about $500

You do not need a doctor’s Rx referral for these, you can call and schedule your appointment directly. They do not accept insurance for either of these tests.