Because each individual’s health needs and concerns are unique, a personalized and strategic approach is taken to identify your specific deficiencies and/or low levels of nutrients and/or hormones. Aging, lifestyle, stress, genetics and one’s health history are all factors in how your treatment plan is created. Educating patients and removing the fear and perceived obstacles from the process of self-care is a primary focus for how Heather consults with patients. “It has to be realistic for people and understanding the ‘why’ and ‘what’ is vital to my patient’s success in achieving their health and weight goals. Whether you want to lose weight, improve your sleep, identify your allergies, or just feel and look your best, no two patients are treated alike.
 Get off the medical treadmill and step into feeling and being your healthiest, using holistic and natural therapies to restore the body’s natural balance of optimum health. Breaking down false beliefs about food, weight, and your body’s systems are key to breaking habits and patterns that are not nourishing your body. See how easy feeling your best and being your healthiest can be!

Heather has strategically designed this program for individuals who are looking for healthy, permanent weight loss. Most people have achieved some success, at one point or another, in losing weight by doing commercial or fad diets. But it can be challenging to keep the weight off. There are many reasons why this happens.  Heather helps you identify any metabolic or physiologic reasons that weight loss has not been sustainable, as well as addressing any behavioral or emotional obstacles that have limited your ability to lose weight and keep it off.

Functional Medicine is the use of therapeutic doses of nutrients, botanicals or other natural therapies to treat and prevent the onset of chronic disease and the diseases associated with aging, in place of using pharmaceutical drugs, whenever possible.  This 2 consultation assessment also includes a full dietary evaluation and recommendations for optimizing your energy, weight and overall health.

Understanding how natural or bio-identical hormone therapies can improve your overall health, slow down the aging process, reduce risks of the diseases of aging, as well as improving one’s quality of life, are the motivations for utilizing these therapies. We are conservative in our approach to dosing hormone therapies, using the lowest therapeutic doses of each hormone to help patients to alleviate their symptoms, become as healthy as possible and be able to enjoy their lives by optimizing mood, energy levels, weight and sleep.

Heather has been specially trained in the protocols and therapeutic uses of peptide therapies.  Peptides have been shown to be very useful in the treatment of age-related conditions, osteoporosis, obesity, dementia, various chronic inflammatory diseases, and immune dysfunction among many others. Peptides are natural therapies that are chains of amino acids that are isolated and used therapeutically to target and support specific functions.

We utilize the most accurate and comprehensive testing methods and diagnostics available to determine the source of your imbalance.  Eliminate the guesswork and target your imbalances and deficiencies accurately.