Heather Fitzgerald is Amazing! I had the good fortune of working with her a few years ago and the results were extraordinary. Having had an eating disorder for most of my adult life I was so scared of getting fat again that I had become extremely neurotic with food. I felt like I was in prison. Heather helped me to make peace with food by giving me tools to work with that totally transformed with my relationship with food for good.

Donna C.

I met Heather in my mid 20s back in 1997. At the time she had office hours at my gym, and I was looking to lose weight. I never would have thought that stopping in to see Heather after a spinning class at my gym would have brought me to so much more; I had no idea what door I was opening. I started seeing her for weekly appointments and soon found myself in one of the most influential relationships of my life and at a time of tremendous personal growth. A desire to look good on the outside led me to Heather who led me to really look within, for the first time, in terms of food and health. She taught me about emotional eating and all the aspects of nutrition one ignores when just wanting to “be skinny” as opposed to healthy. She helped me deal with my specific, complex endocrine disorders (PCOS, Hashimoto’s disease), and with how body image, shame, and self-worth manifest themselves in one’s behaviors. Ultimately, and better than any psychotherapist has, Heather guided me through dealing with childhood trauma and adult bulimia. Heather is the only person I’ve met with the qualifications and ability to deal with all aspects of my food: psychology, nutrition, behavior, and spirit. Gaining Heather as my practitioner has been truly one of the biggest blessings of my life; now in my 40’s I look back with a perspective of knowing gratitude as I still turn to the tools and insight, she taught me.

Jennifer S.

I am so happy with the services Heather provided. I am feeling better in many ways. My energy is up. My skin is clearer (as are my thoughts), and I have lost 17 lbs! Thank you, Heather!

Michael C.

My recovery time is very good! I rode a night session Thurs night for 3 hours and was pretty sore Friday, went out Sat. Morning had no problem riding 3+ hours and another session this morning. Usually I have to bonk out and take a nap in afternoons but not this time. Also helping my ex move to Florida she has me hauling boxes and furniture all weekend, so far no problem with energy. I kicked the Gatoraid, now drinking the V8 juice instead, no more burgers I eat chicken fajitas on the go at drive thru if I’m busy. Thanks to you I feel 35 yrs old!!

Mark W.

Just had to share with you, Heather, that G & L were completely touched by your heart, wisdom, and sensitivity in their session, not only on a health level, but also they felt that you came with such relationship wisdom, spot on, providing them exactly what they needed. Thanks Heather, for being you and doing what you do–it is making a bigger difference than you may realize—in Body, Soul and Mind. Just had to share with you!

Jonas M.

Heather is incredible. She was introduced to me through a friend of mine and her expertise couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve struggled with hormonal imbalance (and skin issues because of it) for years and she worked closely alongside me to help get my body regulated and my skin clear. She is extremely thorough in discussing her patient’s past medical/health/nutritional issues and BONUS, she actually cares! In today’s world of healthcare and medicine that is so rare. Heather is so supportive and compassionate and she specializes a protocol that fits best with your needs. Heather is very knowledgable about all things nutrition as it relates to the body as a whole, and how those variables affect a woman’s hormonal health. There were so many times when her encouragement and guidance gave me the boost I needed to see the protocol all the way through. I can’t speak highly enough of Heather and would recommend her in a heartbeat.

Cortney H.

I’m really slimming down, clothes fitting better, being less mental about my body. And realized for the first time in years I’m not obsessed with counting calories and I’m probably eating better than I ever have just to feel better and learning how my body is. So, I just wanted to say thank you for all your help, not to be cliché but it has been life changing!

Whitney D.

Heather is incredible! I was gaining weight and I couldn’t sleep well anymore and after seeing Heather my life is back on track! She discovered that my hormones were out of whack and she put me on bio identical hormones and some specific nutrients that I was deficient in and I feel Amazing! I have lost weight and am sleeping again. I cannot say enough about Heather! She really knows her stuff and she made me feel so comfortable. I highly recommend her!

D. C.

I seriously recommend Heather to whomever isn’t feeling their best. Heather has changed my life from a life of lethargy, migraines, major sinus and lung issues, to a life of improved health like I’ve NEVER experienced. My life has opened up! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with her and she’ll get right to the source of your issues and she’ll impress you with what she knows. I can’t thank her enough.

Chelsana C.

Over the years in the fitness industry, I was accustomed to taking all sorts of energy boosters. not to mention drinking a ton of red bull and coffee!  Unfortunately, it caught up with me.  I began experiencing low energy on daily basis, my sleep was unrestful, and my mood seemed to get worse preventing me from enjoying daily activities.   I knew I wasn’t depressed but had no answer to why I was experiencing similar symptoms!  Based on multiple doctor visits, everything seemed “normal”, yet I did not feel like myself.  I am grateful because Heather was able to not only pinpoint my adrenal and thyroid issues that apparently were the root of the problem, she was able to correct them efficiently with proper nutrition and natural supplementation.  Within just a few months I was able to function more vibrantly and with clear mentality!  Thanks!

V. M.

Hormone Replacement Therapy is amazing! It changed my life. In addition to the HRT I have also benefited from the nutritional guidance and as a result, my energy and drive is like when I was 20 again.  I was so stressed and unfit, if it was not for this customized treatment program I would be nowhere near where I am today. The successes from my therapy has transcended across both my personal and professional life. I cannot thank Heather Fitzgerald enough for transforming my mind and body!

Ryan F.

I cannot say enough great things about Heather!
She is not only a very caring and warm human being, but also she’s an extraordinarily compassionate registered dietitian.
Heather stays abreast of the latest research on nutrition, diet, supplements and clinical tests, thus offering her patients the very best care available today. She works tirelessly to help figure out the health challenges that most doctors would have no answers for.  Heather has helped me get my diet and supplements on track which in turn helped my cardio vascular risk factors, giving me peace of mind which is invaluable. Her recommendations have most importantly helped me with quicker recovery time after my intense workouts. I also have become more balanced and focused, sleep better at night, perform better, more energetic and feel a sense of peace and serenity in my life.
She has a truly holistic view that takes into account each patients individuality.  Especially if you’ve had any health concerns that your regular doctor has not been able to adequately address, I encourage you to see or communicate with Heather!  She’s the best.

William J.