Bio Identical Hormone Program

Prior to our first meeting you will have blood drawn for analysis. In addition, we will send you a new patient intake questionnaire and consent forms. These need to be filled out prior to the first visit. Your initial consultation will be scheduled for 7 to 10 days after your blood has been drawn. Please bring all completed paperwork to your initial consultation or, alternatively, send it electronically to us.
The initial hormone consultation will last for approximately 90-120 minutes. The meeting will be with Heather and Dr. Davis. We will do a comprehensive review of your results and do a preliminary treatment plan. Then you will have a brief physical exam with one of the doctors. After that we will finalize the treatment plan to create the best outcome.
The plan may include one or more of the following:

* Nutrients or Supplements
* Prescription Compounds or Other Holistic Therapies
* Dietary Recommendations/Guidance
* Lifestyle Or Other Holistic Modalities

Within three days Heather will drop ship directly to you all recommended products and pharmacy prescriptions.
The schedule for follow up consultations will be customized to best suit your specific needs. All beginning hormone patients will have quarterly retesting of hormone levels and follow up consultations to review all results. Regular or ongoing sessions may be best suited for weight loss and/or disordered eating behavior issues or those that need more support or accountability in order to reach their health and weight goals.

Heather offers two types of session consultation packages which consist of either four or eight 60 minute sessions to be used at your convenience. These packages are designed to save you money and to maintain a strong source of communication and guidance to optimize the results. Alternatively, one can pay for each individual session based on the time spent with Heather.
All hormone patients must have a physical with the doctor every calendar year.