Body Image Transformation Program


This six (6) step program was developed and created by Heather Fitzgerald R.D. with the intention of offering others an opportunity to free themselves from their obsession with their body and/or the disordered way in which one views, feels or perceives their body image and/or how when we look in the mirror. And to show others how our negative feelings from our body image can dictate our life by the choices we then make.

“Having suffered with body image dysmorphia from as early as 13 years old, I have taken the steps it takes and the done the work required to change the way I feel about my body, as well as what changes I needed to make –the way I lived my life, making the choices I used to make. Those choices created my own personal jail. Back then, I woke up each morning and went to bed each night, with a metaphorical ‘ball and chain’ attached to my ankle, obsessing on the new diet or exercise program I was about to embark upon, in order to attain what I considered the ‘perfect body’. Each time, convinced that the new program or diet would work! So, I developed this 6-step program that helps you identify what your body image actually is and how it is created. By deconstructing the beliefs I could understand the choices I was making, and that allowed me to see myself from an outside perspective, almost like a scientist performing an experiment, all the while observing and taking notes. This new perspective along with additional education and writing exercises (not in the gym!) allowed me to break free of that ‘ball and chain’ and the obsession with my body and food, lifted.“   Heather Fitzgerald RD

In this program, you will be provided education and valuable information that will help you have a deeper understanding of your physical body and body image. You will also be able to identify what your body image, up until this moment, has been created from and what choices you keep making, that keep you bound in your own personal jail cell. You will learn how to break habits and patterns that are not serving you, your emotional and physical body’s health. You will create your own key to release yourself from these obsessions.