Because each individual’s health needs and concerns are unique, a personalized and strategic approach is taken to identify your specific deficiencies and/or low levels of nutrients and/or hormones. Aging, lifestyle, stress, genetics and one’s health history are all factors in how your treatment plan is created. Educating patients and removing the fear and perceived obstacles from the process of self-care is a primary focus for how Heather consults with patients. “It has to be realistic for people and understanding the ‘why’ and ‘what’ is vital to my patient’s success in achieving their health and weight goals. Whether you want to lose weight, improve your sleep, identify your allergies, or just feel and look your best, no two patients are treated alike.
Get off the medical treadmill and step into feeling and being your healthiest, using holistic and natural therapies to restore the body’s natural balance of optimum health. Breaking down false beliefs about food, weight and your body’s systems is key to breaking habits and patterns that are not nourishing your body. See how easy feeling your best and being your healthiest can be!

 Adrenal dysfunction occurs when your body’s ability to handle the physical and emotional stressors of daily life, begins to deteriorate. This can occur very slowly over time or as a natural part of aging, but your adrenals can also be worn down more quickly when put under prolonged, emotional and/or physical stress.

Heather works in tandem with Kristen Davis P.A., who performs all her patient’s physical exams for those who wish to begin Bio Identical Hormone Therapies such as testosterone, estrogen, DHEA, pregnenelone, thyroid, progesterone, or human growth hormone.

This six step program was developed and created by Heather Fitzgerald R.D. with the intention of offering others an opportunity to free themselves from their obsession with their body and/or the disordered way in which one views, feels or perceives their body image and/or how when we look in the mirror. And to show others how our negative feelings from our body image can dictate our life by the choices we then make.

Heather creates dietary plans and provides tools and education to patients for chronic conditions such as Joint & Body pain, Celiac’s and Crohn’s disease, Insulin Resistance & PCOS, Pre & Post Surgery Recovery, and Immune Dysfunction. Heather creates specific, personalized dietary strategies for the treatment and prevention of disease as well as for environmental and food allergies/intolerances.