Strategic Therapies and Targeted Nutrition Program

Therapeutic Dietary Plans
Heather creates dietary plans and provides tools and education to patients for chronic conditions such as Joint & Body pain, Celiac’s and Crohn’s, Insulin Resistance & PCOS, Pre & Post Surgery Recovery, and Immune Dysfunction. Heather creates specific, personalized dietary strategies for the treatment and prevention of disease as well as for environmental and food allergies/intolerances. Minimize inflammation, pain and other uncomfortable symptoms by altering your dietary choices. The foods you choose DO make the difference in feeling great and being your healthiest.

Therapeutic Vitamin Injections
Intramuscular injections including B complex and Vitamin B-12 injections efficiently replete vitamin deficiencies and are therapeutic for Adrenal Fatigue, as well as for supporting healthy immune function.

Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements
Heather uses only the highest quality and most effective supplements to treat patients. Pharmaceutical Grade means that these supplements are independently tested by 3rd party laboratories, to be free of impurities, toxic metals, pesticides and other toxins to ensure purity, safety and efficacy.

Create your personalized treatment plan with your recommended hormones, nutrients, dietary and lifestyle therapies.